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If You Have 1 Liter Of Milk, Yogurt And Half A Lemon, You Can Make The Best Homemade Cheese


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No doubt that in the different supermarkets can find a variety of cheeses, so when we feel like eating a piece of this food.

However, there is nothing easier and healthier to prepare your own fresh cheese.

To prepare this recipe for homemade cheese, just you have to bring home a liter of milk, yogurt and half a lemon It’s super easy!

Ingredients and Required Items 

  • 1000 g (1 litre) fresh milk
  • 1 pot of unsweetened white yogurt or Greek yogurt.
  • The juice of half a lemon
  • A hydrophilic cotton compress one meter long (sold at the pharmacy)
  • A large bowl

Two methods to do it (your choice) 

Thermomix type mixer:

Select the program 15 min / 90 / vel. 2.

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