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✅Ingredients: (mold 20 to 22 cm)

👉 Foundation
✔️ 150 gr chocolate cookies.
✔️ 75 gr butter.
✔️250 gr cream cheese (the blue pot F!).
✔️ 300 gr soft cream cheese.
✔️ 150 cc milk cream 40 %.
✔️ 150 gr impalpable sugar.
✔️ lemon zest.
✔️ 1 cda vanilla extract.
✔️ 7 gr flavorless jello.
✔️ 35 cc water.
✔️ w / n Oreo cookies.


Peut être une image de dessert

👉 Foundation
Process the chocolate cookies as fine as you can. Use blender, mixer or processor.
Pour in the melted butter. Join both ingredients, its texture will be like wet sand.
Place in a removable mold / waistband. If you use an acetate strip, the release is much more neat.
Match. As an option, place cookies on the sides (see the reel).

In a bowl, mix both cheeses together with the powdered sugar.
Perfume with lemon zest and vanilla extract.
Beat the cream at 3/4 point and integrate in an enveloping way.
In a container place the cold water. Sprinkle the gelatin.
Once hydrated (it remains like a sponge) microwave for 25” or in a bain-marie until its crystals dissolve.
Place two tablespoons of the mixture with the gelatin to equalize the densities and thus avoid any lumps.
Homogenize and pour over the cookie base.
Take the cheesecake to the fridge 6 hours before eating.
Decorate to taste.
// You can do this procedure in a blender or food processor! Then we incorporate the gelatin last of all, always equating densities



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