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Cherry Bakewell Fudge Recipe


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Cherry Bakewell Fudge Recipe… all I can say is wow its amazing

I used 1 pack of digestive biscuits and 100g of butter for biscuit base (add more butter if needed)


5 x 100 gram cheap white chocolate,
2 tablespoon of almond essence
1 can of condensed milk
Some cherry jam
And a pot of glacier cherry’s

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Let’s see how to make Cherry Bakewell Fudge


Made biscuit base and put in fridge while fudge was cooking.

Throw all ingredients in slow cooker apart from glacier cherries and jam, mixed every 10 mins for 50 mins on high with lid off when done pour onto of biscuit base, warm some cherry jam up drizzle onto of fudge, I then used a knife to make the pattern with the jam and then finished with glacier cherries, let cool down then pop in fridge (I always leave till next day to set)

Jam does stay a little sticky but tastes amazing 😊

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