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Slow Cooker Malteser Fudge


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Hi guys, i am very excited to share my favorite slow cooker malteser fudge recipe with you. It’s very delicious and easy to cook. Let’s move forward to the ingredients first (I did wing it slightly so rough measurements).


1 can of condensed milk 450g Cadbury Chocolate. ( I used baking bits)
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon vanilla essence
About 3/4 of the 465g malteser party bucket

slow cooker malteser fudge


First put all the ingredients together into slow cooker on low, no lid. Stirring every 20 mins or so until it looked to be the right consistency. About 1 hour.

I lined a baking dish with baking paper, poured the maltesers in to cover the base in a single layer and poured fudge mix over the top. Placed maltesers on top and set in fridge. Approx 3 hours before slicing.

Your slow cooker malteser fudge is ready to serve. I can’t wait to dive a try to it. Thanks for reading the recipe and stay with us to find more delicious recipe.



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